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How To Get Started

Gamer, non-gamer, everything in-between — if you want to help your students thrive, you can be an esports coach.

Getting Started is Easy

We simplify the process of building an esports program through a combination of our platform and our prompt, knowledgeable esports specialists. We'll get your students competing in no time at all.

1. Sign up to PlayVS

Sign up at then have your students do the same. Our app will show you all the way.

2. Assemble and

Activate your Teams

• Verify students at your school

• Assign them to an esports team

• Activate your teams

3. Consultation
& IT Check

Schedule a consultation with one of our experts to walk you through any assistance you may need — technical, organizational, anything.

4. Match time

Now, you’re ready to compete. Practice up and get ready for your first match!

“Esports and the PlayVS platform have been a true blessing for my school.”

Timothy Evans
Super Coach
Wolfe County High School, KY


Bring Esports to Your Students

Sign up today to unlock your students‘ untapped potential. And have some fun while you do it.