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NBA 2K23 at PlayVS

NBA® 2K23

Step onto the court with your favorite NBA teams in the 24th installment of the NBA2K franchise.


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Ways to Play

NBA 2K23 will be available as an official high school league this Fall 2022.

How It’s Played

Solo competitors take control of their favorite NBA teams and face off for the best of 3 games. NBA 2K23 requires careful consideration of team composition, player positioning, and control of the court to clinch wins.

The Game

Solo teams play a 1v1 match, selecting from a pool of 30 NBA teams from the 2022-2023 season (No custom rosters or Historic teams) before heading courtside.

The Action

Teams play for four periods to outscore their opponent. Points are awarded by teams shooting the basketball through the opponent's hoop within the three-point line (2 points), outside the three-point line (3 points), or free throws (1 point each).

The Goal

The team with the most points at the end of the 4th period wins. Should the score be tied after the fourth period, the teams compete in overtime to determine a winner. Matches consist of 3 games, with the victor being crowned after their second win.

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