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Taylor Frost: A Slam Dunk in the World of NBA 2K

In the fast-paced world of esports, where virtual victories are as much celebrated as in-person ones, Taylor Frost from Eastern High School in Washington D.C., stands tall as a shining star.

Aaron Kelley
Oct 12, 2023

In the fast-paced world of esports, where virtual victories are as much celebrated as in-person ones, Taylor Frost from Eastern High School in Washington D.C., stands tall as a shining star. Recently crowned the PlayVS Cup National 2023 Champion in NBA 2K, Taylor's journey as the best NBA 2K high school player in the entire country is nothing short of remarkable. In this exclusive interview, we delve into Taylor's love for NBA 2K, his keys to success, and his plans for the future.

PlayVS Cup Road to Triumph

Taylor’s road to the PlayVS Cup was marked by win after win. With an impressive regular season record of 14-1 and a playoff record of 14-0 over two seasons, Taylor dominated the competition, winning back-to-back Eastern Regional PlayVS titles. 

As Taylor Frost geared up for the PlayVS Cup, the pinnacle of high school esports competitions, his strategic brilliance came to the forefront. Facing opponents who were champions in their own right, Taylor's approach was not merely about showcasing skills but adapting to the unpredictable nature of each match.

Taylor revealed that his strategy evolved with each encounter, demonstrating a keen ability to read his opponents and adjust accordingly. "Just see how they play in the first few minutes of the first quarter, and you know, I would just try to counter it," This astute observation in the early moments of the game allowed him to identify his opponent's strengths and weaknesses, laying the foundation for a tactical response.

In one memorable game, Taylor faced a formidable opponent who employed a relentless strategy of driving to the paint with LeBron James and utilizing a versatile shooting lineup. This challenge forced Taylor to reevaluate his approach. "I got Giannis and the Bucks because, you know, I think they got the best defense in the game".This strategic shift, choosing a team with a robust defense, proved to be a game-changer, allowing Taylor to counter his opponent's aggressive playstyle effectively

However, the road to victory was not without its bumps. Taylor candidly admitted to facing adversity when he lost his first game in a series, an unfamiliar territory for him. "I definitely just tried to take my time, see what he was doing that was giving me a hard time, and you know, counter it," This resilience and adaptability showcased Taylor's mental fortitude, proving that even the best encounter setbacks and challenges.

The championship game, a standout moment in Taylor's PlayVS Cup journey, exemplified his strategic prowess. Confident in his abilities, he approached the game with determination. "I came into the game very confident that I was gonna win, and I guess I was trying my hardest, so I think I was just too much for him," he recounted. This dominant performance, winning by a staggering 40-point margin, solidified Taylor's status as the national champion.

Reflecting on this achievement, Taylor makes a point to ground himself in the moment, "I try my best to stay humble about it, but it's definitely awesome to sometimes forget that I'm number one in the country." His success hasn't gone unnoticed, with his school proudly displaying images of him with the championship trophy throughout the campus.

Keys to Success

Taylor’s journey with NBA 2K began almost a decade ago, starting off playing NBA 2K13 with his younger brother. From there, his passion for the game continued to grow, edition after new edition. 

One aspect that Taylor believes sets him apart from the rest of the competition is his sharpshooting skills. "Definitely my shooting. I feel like I'm the best shooter in this game," His three-point prowess, honed through rigorous practice routines, contributes significantly to his victories. "I practice a lot in the Freestyle mode, so it comes easy to me,”.

From One Court to Another 

Taylor's connection with NBA 2K runs deep, rooted in his passion for all things basketball since a young age. "I always played basketball when I was young, so obviously I wanted to play a basketball video game," 

As a member of Eastern High School’s basketball team in addition to the esports team, Taylor finds that the line between the real and virtual worlds blurs seamlessly. His experience in NBA 2K has not only elevated his gaming skills but also impacted his understanding of real-life basketball. "I have definitely seen how the plays that I use in the game are realistic to how it is in real life," This synergy extends beyond strategy, with Taylor incorporating lessons learned in 2K into his on-court performance, showcasing the intricate connection between the digital and physical realms of the sport.

Being a two-sport athlete, Taylor is no stranger to navigating the challenges of being a student-athlete, balancing academic responsibilities with his dedication to both traditional basketball and esports "I gotta go to practice for basketball and stuff, and you know, do school work, so it has been kind of hard, but you know, I try my best," This balancing act highlights Taylor’s acknowledgment that he can’t have a shot at being a champion on either court without putting his school priorities first. 

The 2K Family 

Since winning the national high school title, Taylor feels like he has become an integral part of the larger NBA 2K community. This connection deepened further when he had the opportunity to meet the Wizards 2KL team in person. "It was cool because I always watch those types of matches and stuff on YouTube, but to see it in person and see how they were cool people, it was fun," This firsthand experience of meeting professional players elevated Taylor's sense of belonging within the larger 2K community, reinforcing that the community is not just a virtual space but a tangible network of individuals brought together by a shared passion.

Taylor now follows many of the professional 2KL players that he had the opportunity to meet, specifically mentioning his connection to the Wizards 2KL team. This interplay of connections, where players of different competition levels support and engage with each other online and offline, highlights the tight-knit nature of the 2K community.

Being part of the community means more than just playing 2K for Taylor, as he also feels a strong sense of camaraderie with the rest of his Eastern High School esports team, where he values the friendships and connections formed through the shared love for esports.

Taylor being interviewed at District Gaming, the Wizards 2KL facility.

Future Plans

In getting him to this point, Taylor extends appreciation to his support system. "Definitely my mom and my brother because they've both been supportive, helping me through this journey of playing 2K." Their unwavering encouragement and support have played a pivotal role in Taylor's success, underlining the importance of a strong support network in the competitive world of esports. As he continues to make strides in his career, Taylor Frost remains grounded, recognizing the collaborative effort that has propelled him to the summit of NBA 2K high school esports.

As Taylor approaches his senior year, the future holds exciting possibilities. While keeping his options open, he envisions a path that involves pursuing esports professionally or in college. 

As he sets his sights on new challenges, Taylor aims to defend his title in the upcoming season, potentially becoming the first back-to-back national champion in NBA 2K high school and PlayVS history. With his skills, dedication, and a national trophy in hand, Taylor Frost is undoubtedly a rising star in the world 2K, ready to make his mark on the virtual basketball court and beyond.

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