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Spotlight - Alexander Hamilton High School

Located in Los Angeles, California, the esports program is dedicated to the dignity and worth of all students alike. They focus on the diversity and individuality of all their students and target the skills that will help them to prosper as members of the community.

Ali Harpster
Mar 09, 2023

Hamilton High School’s esports program which started as a strictly online program is leveling up this year as they are now getting the chance to see how being together in person can help their program grow and evolve.  It’s easy to assume that there would be no downside to practicing, meeting, and competing strictly virtually, but there has already been a considerable amount of positives to playing together in person. From being in the same room helping one another, to feeling the energy and hype, performing in person has an advantage that can’t be denied.

AHHS as whole pride itself on supporting each other’s individual skills and talents and that has translated well into the esports program. Led by Head Coach Edwin Guama, this program may be new but they have the determination, teamwork, skills, and fire to take it all the way. In fact, they made it all the way to the finals in their first year of playing together!

A common theme for Hamilton High’s esports team is their support for each member of the team. This support happens both on and offline and has built a community within their program. This level of support and communication starts with having a coach that demonstrates these same very skills. Coach Guama has been that role model amongst his team.

“One thing that surprised me about esports is how every player or coach likes the same things; it's not just games, we all watch the same shows, we listen to the same music, and we talk about the same things. It helps us relate with each other and brings us closer together!”.

While it's inevitable in sports to have a competitive nature with opponents and even teammates, this program has demonstrated the perfect balance of wanting to dominate and showing an infinite amount of support for their fellow teammates. 

“I have learned you can rely on other people and it’s okay to ask for help. No matter what you need, even if it's not just about video games, you can come to your team with anything you need to, even if it's something personal.”

-DeAngelo Barragan, player at Alexander Hamilton

Being in high school and even playing on teams can be challenging to find others who understand you and share common interests. Esports at Alexander Hamilton has found a way to reach a large number of students that might not have been involved before. It has allowed students to develop skills like communication, and discipline and it brings together a new group of students that have similar interests and are excited to support one another! 

Alexander Hamilton High School showed their immense support for one another last year and is looking forward to taking it all the way to the championship in 2023! 

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