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Hendrix College locks up Van Buren High League of Legends Star

Malcom Matlock will continue his esports career 120 miles down I-40 in Conway, Arkansas.

Feb 24, 2020

Malcom Matlock wasn’t a League of Legends guy until esports became a thing at Van Buren High School.

“It was very hard and took me a little while,” said Matlock. “But, once I grasped the learning curve it was well worth it.” Frankly, it’s hard to disagree with him. This past month, Malcom accepted a very generous scholarship from Hendrix College to continue both his education and esports career at the next level.

When Van Buren added esports, Malcom added it to his numerous extracurricular commitments in theater and at local the Boys and Girls club. With esports now a part of his world, gaming quickly went from a favored hobby to a path to the future. “Gaming is my passion. I have been playing games since my first birthday and have not stopped playing since.”

His mother, skeptical at first, quickly came to appreciate his determination. “My mother did not want me putting all my time into video games,” said Matlock. “But, now she has come around and is very supportive. She loves to watch and learn about things when I play.” It seems fair to assume the collegiate opportunity this passion afforded Malcom certainly helped.

“My grandparents and mom were flabbergasted. They had no idea such a thing was obtainable. Once they found out about my scholarship they were so excited.”

“I was happy that he will have the opportunity to do what he enjoys doing,” said Charles, Malcolm’s grandfather. “He will do good. I am proud of him.”

His high school coach, Wes Yandell, had nothing but praise to heap onto Matlock. “Malcom is the ultimate team player. He helps out teammates with transportation issues with rides so no one is left behind. He makes my job easier just by being himself.”

After finishing among the top 16 teams in the state, Malcom wraps up his high school career with Van Buren this spring season and will enroll in Hendrix College this fall.