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Feature Updates Spring 2023

We are happy to share with you some of the updates that are now a part of the PlayVS experience.

Aaron Kelley
Mar 16, 2023

At the end of our Fall season we had the opportunity to hear from and speak to many of you about ways we can improve every aspect of your PlayVS experience. Leading up to the start of the Spring season, our team was hard at work to live up to our promise to give you the best and easiest experience in scholastic esports.

We are happy to share with you some of the updates that are now a part of the PlayVS Spring 2023 season experience!

Match Assistant

We heard from many coaches that it can be complicated to keep track of what happens during a match including map selection, character bans, etc… especially when you are responsible for coaching multiple teams.

This season we launched Match Assistant, an intuitive, fully integrated feature that easily allows for teams to pick characters, strike stages and see what their opponents have chosen to do. It also gives teams a better understanding, in between games, which side is responsible for certain match decisions. For titles that have a Match Assistant, we will also be better able to collect data, support scouting, and build out more interesting profiles. We look forward to launching this feature with more titles in future seasons! 

Match Statistics

Scouting and preparing properly for your upcoming opponents are very important aspects to a successful match-up. Coaches and players this season have access to more stats for more of our titles. You can now view which characters an opponent uses, how often they use them and their win rate with them amongst other statistics. This has been made possible by the data our team is able to collect from Match Assistant. 

If a title includes Match Assistant you can now check out your team roster, your opponent's team roster, or a match scoreboard. As we continue to implement this feature we are continuing to look for more places that stats can be impactful for teams. 

Player Profiles

Player Profiles are back!

We have reintroduced this feature to allow students to have  a way to show off who they are and what they've accomplished on PlayVS. At launch, we've included their team & match history, awards, and have added a new section to allow students to upload their best highlights and clips from their games directly on their profile. More features to be added!

Global Chat

As coaches continue to grow their esports programs, they are often faced with managing and communicating with multiple teams on a single matchday. With the launch of the new Global Chat feature, there is no longer a need to switch between multiple chats (and multiple tabs) when checking on and responding to messages. Global Chat will allow users to see all their conversations from the chat drawer & interact with multiple chats at the same time. 

You can find our new chat feature next to the notification bell on the coach dashboard!

Resource Page

We heard from many in our community that while we have the information and resources they need to start and level up their esports programs, they often have found it to be a challenge to track them down.

Through our new Resource Page, we have created a one-stop shop for the most important resources to help coaches succeed in starting and running their esports program. This new hub includes Rulebooks, Match Day Protocols, the Super Coach Directory, the Coach Handbook, and more!

Player & Season Awards

Give your players the recognition they deserve! 

This season we launched the Player of the Week award to recognize one student from your school each week. The award is displayed on the player’s profile and includes a sharable mini-certificate for social media. The Player of the Week’ award feature can be accessed from the My School section of your coach dashboard!

Be on the lookout for more awards coming soon, including end of season awards, giving you the opportunity to recognize your players in many different ways throughout the entire season. These upcoming awards will include a printable PDF certificate, sharable mini-certificate for social media and can also be displayed on the students profile.

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We look forward to sharing even more features and updates with our community in the near future!