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VALORANT is coming to PlayVS!

Title will join the PlayVS Youth Program for the Spring 2024 Season.

Jan 09, 2024

You asked, and we delivered. 

Today we are excited to announce that VALORANT will be joining our Youth Program lineup starting this Spring season!

VALORANT is a team-based battle-arena game set in the near future. Teams of 5 players play as one of many selectable Agents, characters originating from several countries and cultures around the world, as players are assigned to either the attacking or defending team. Agents have unique abilities, each requiring charges. The game currently offers 24 agents to choose from. The player will get 5 unlocked agents when they create their account and will have to unlock the rest of the agents by collecting an in-game currency called Kingdom Credits. Kingdom Credits can be acquired by playing games or completing daily and weekly tasks and can be spent on unlocking new agents or cosmetic items.

PlayVS Youth Program allows players 13-18 years of age from across the United States and Canada to compete with an adult coach. The inaugural leagues will compete on Tuesdays at 4 pm local from February to May with a 2-week preseason, an 8-week regular season followed by playoffs and finals.

The addition of VALORANT to the PlayVS Youth Program was due in large part to an outpouring of community requests to add the title. In a recent Fall survey of PlayVS Community, VALORANT was the #1 requested title from our community.  According to Riot Games, there are 28 million monthly players, with 70% of the player base being Gen Z. VALORANT also won esports game of the year this year at the Esports Awards 

"We are thrilled about the inclusion of VALORANT in the PlayVS Youth Program. Our positive experience with PlayVS in other titles has fostered excitement for this addition. 

VALORANT's appeal lies in its emphasis on teamwork and strategy, aspects our players deeply enjoy in competition. It's a game that fuels their passion for gaming, and having it offered through PlayVS amplifies that excitement. One of the game's remarkable facets is how it enables each player to craft a unique playstyle, leveraging the diverse abilities of their chosen character. This not only encourages strategic thinking but also fosters teamwork among our players as they learn to synergize these abilities effectively.”

 - Beau Herman, Coach, Oregon

Starting this Spring, VALORANT, like all other PlayVS titles, will be free to compete as was recently announced. Enrollment is open as of today and teams will have until February 16, 2024 to enroll and compete in the Spring '24 PlayVS Youth Program season. 

Join the Vanguard. Enroll your team today:

VALORANT is a part of PlayVS’ operated Youth Program and is not affiliated with your state association or the NFHS Network. Enrollment is directly through Youth Program and PlayVS handles all Youth Program leagues. For any questions on how to register, whether you are eligible to participate, or any questions at all, please reach out directly to PlayVS