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Hearthstone - Scholastic Esports on PlayVS


Build the perfect deck and dominate the field in this card-based strategy game based on the Warcraft franchise.

3 Players per team

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Ways to Play

Hearthstone matches will be held every week on Thursdays, and will be available as a Regional League this Fall 2023 season. Find more information about how to play Hearthstone in our leagues below:

How it’s Played

Two competitors engage in turn-based matches where the goal is to destroy their opponent’s hero character by drawing cards that can deploy special abilities or summon minions to attack.

The Game

Teams of three build decks of 30 cards, along with a unique hero and power, before starting the match.

The Action

Players must carefully manage their mana pools to effectively use abilities, while their summoned creatures can be directed to attack or defend. The match ends when one player’s hero is destroyed.

The Goal

Regular season matches will be played in Conquest mode, in a Best-of-Five format.

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